Immortal Technique – Center Stage

Immortal Technique

By: Lilia Esnayra

Immortal Technique has been one of the most preeminent success stories in the underground hip hop industry. Felipe Andres Coronel was born in Lima, Peru, his family then migrated to Harlem, New York at a young age. Growing up in a New York, Coronel was exposed to the life and culture of hip hop, the young teenager began his rapping career battling other street artist around town. Soon after Coronel launched his career attending rap battles as well as competitions, he rose to the top of his game and was soon known to be one of the most merciless MC’s on the scene.

Coronel was able to launch his career through the money he made at his MC competitions. In 2001 the rapper released his fist album Revolutionary Vol. 1 without the help of any record labels or distribution. The hip hop artist would later be known to be the most successful artist to launch an album without being signed by a record label.

Immortal Technique is known for his ruthlessly honest rhymes, he is well known for rapping about politics, street violence as well as social and class issues. Coronel not only spends his time elaborating on these issues, the rapper is very much consumed by his charitable acts. The artist is a part of a non- profit organizations that advocates for human rights. Coronel often speaks and mentors young prison inmates, he also is involved in writing grants for local high schools as well as raising money for children’s hospitals overseas. The list goes on and on, the hip hop artist has managed to make it a priority to give back to the community.

Recently the artist was arrested for an altercation that occurred between him and another party selling his unauthorized merchandize on the streets outside of a concert hall in which he was performing. The rapper posted bail and was back on tour the very next day. The issue is highly controversial due to the fact that the rapper has had so much success on his own. Is it right for someone to sell merchandize without the artist profiting? This an issue that has plagued the music industry for years now. None the less we should never resort to violence, however we wish Immortal Technique the best and will continue to enjoy his music and applaud his charitable work.

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