Joey Bada$$ – Independent Spotlight


Written By: Carlos Reyes

The world of hip hop seems to show new, promising faces that will captivate audiences with well-thought lyrics and upbeat music. This independent hip hop artist born in Brooklyn, New York has the potential to become a big star one day. The artist real name is Jo-Vaughn Scott, also known as Joey Bada$$.

This young hip hop artist is co-founder of hip hop collective Pro Era, which whom he has released two mix-tapes and has worked with countless hours. His debut mix tape was 1999, which released in July 2012 to critical acclaim and recognition. 1999 is in the thrall of the celebrated Nineties work of East Coast rappers like Nas. Bada$$ is being credited to bringing back East Coast rap. In an interview, Bada$$ stated “We’re bringing it back! It’s been a minute. But I’m not mad at hip hop in the East Coast, or the acts coming out of New York right now. We just do us—we’re fans of good music”.

Bada$$ released his first album “B4.DA.$$” earlier this year on January 20, 2015. For his debut album, it did great, as it sold 56,000 units on its first week, making it #1 rap album and independent album in the country for the week. This album hopes to be the catalyst for Joey’s place among the hip hop elite.

Get more information about Joey Bada$$ and his music here:$$/id577261450

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