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dear derrick simple things

Derrick B. Harden, also known as ‘Dear Derrick’, the first Art Curator and Rapper out of Brooklyn, New York, is set to release his second retail EP, “DD63” on April 20, 2015. “DD63” consists of four new songs that will be for sale and 59 complimentary tracks pulled from his infamous art conceptual musical projects: “Hollywood Murder”; “Mortuary Science”; “The Funeral”; “Renaissance Era Volume 1”; “60 Minutes in New York: Renaissance Era Volume 2”; “The Art of Nothing”; “Xmas in The Summer”; “Born 4 Porn” and “.5kg”.

After releasing “The Jamie Project” in 2014, an EP dedicated to the “gangsterism’ tale of when a thug falls in love, Dear Derrick took time to reflect and appreciate his body of work by assembling his most cherished tracks available all in one place, “DD63”.

Dear Derrick has done work for H&M & Diesel in visual merchandising, PR & marketing with the Chelsea Art Museum, Wu-tang Brand and The Harold Hunter Foundation as well as the Assistant Director & Curator for a few of NYC’s elite art galleries including The Hole, Lyons Wier Gallery, Gallery 151 and Damon Dash’s, Poppington. To learn more about Dear Derrick visit



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