Kixxie Siete: Independent Spotlight


Written by Smirryn Gutierrez

A hip-hop artist that started expressing himself through poetry at the age of 7, Kixxie Siete. He was born in the Philippines and moved to Hawthorne, Ca at the age of 5. His new home was full of Latinos and African Americans that influenced the music he listened to, his dressing style and the way he talks. Listening to gangster music being played by his neighbors is where rapping first made sense to him.

When he first listened to Eminem’s “My Name Is…” song it triggered something new in him. He decided to not only write poetry but rap his poems to hip-hop/rap instrumentals. Kixxie Siete started learning more about the history of hip-hop culture and soon most of his influenced derived from yesteryear’s East Coast rappers. His music represents his lifestyle, being Filipino and rapping, and the way living in L.A. is and was for him as a newcomer.

In an interview, Kixxie Siete gives a perfect example of the prejudice that exist for not fitting a certain “look” as a rapper. “When I was a freshman in highschool, I was spitting some bars to a good friend of mine, Jeron Taylor, and one of my classmates was telling me to stop acting “black”. Jeron came to my defense saying I was from the street and that I was talking and acting “street” because you cannot act “black” i.e. a color.”

One of his well known songs would have to be “Way too Long” featuring April Nhem that was released in August 11, 2011. This song was featured on season 5 episode 5 of VH1’s Basketball Wives reality television show. The song talks about the struggles of having to end a relationship that is no longer working out. This song is available for purchase on iTunes along with “Clear Weather” and “Wax” featuring Artie McCraft.

Check him music out on the links below:

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