Hus the kingpin

Written by: Maurice Woods

International emcee Hus the Kingpin makes business a priority and rapping a natural gift that goes hand and hand.

This hardcore hip hop artist has traveled around the world giving hip hop a new presence with his gutsy and unique rapping abilities. Hus the Kingpin, born in Hempstead NY, have collaborated with many artists such as Roc Marciano who was featured on the track “Boss Material” with the emcee.

Known for his street smart, his lyrics can be very bold, straightforward, and resolute such as in his track “Boss Material.”

Having a mix of old school contemporary jazzy beats with an audacious voice makes this rapper stand out in the game. His music can steer someone into picking up a cigar, going to a house party, or sitting at home thinking about ones surroundings.

Handling business in his hometown as well being international has helped this artist not only become a versatile artist but also receive much more popularity and fans. This emcee has gained a Tokyo label “Goon Trax along with his group “Tha Connection” as well as a German label “Melting Pot Music.”

Currently under the record label Digi Crates Record/ Mello Music Group, Hus the Kingpin gains more love in the industry with his Nah Right Hype LP “Pyramid Balconies.”

Not all rappers can pull of the “I am more than a rapper” gimmick, but in this case Hus the Kingpin may be trying to win us over after all since dropping his album “Sade.”

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