Donnie Proctor

Written by Maurice Woods:

They say you have to go after your dream, work like you don’t need the money, climb like there’s no limit and Donnie has been since the age of ten.

The twenty five year old artist Donnie Proctor born in Waldorf, Maryland moved to Los Angeles, California to enhance his creativity in the music industry. Enjoying music since a young age, Donnie identifies himself as more than a rapper, but an artist who is impressionable in multiple music genres.

He believes that it is important for an artist to have all opportunities available, and not be put inside a “box.”

Donnie has traveled to multiple venues that gave him a great start in his music career. In 2010 he went on a school tour which allowed him to perform in Alabama, Mississippi, Atlanta and New Jersey.

Donnie has put in much effort in pursuing big opportunities for his career, which he successfully tried out for a spot on X-Factor in 2012. Currently working on his EP, Donnie is in high hopes for it to be dropping the middle of next year.

Looking forward to a successful music career in the near future, Donnie not only want his fans to see him as solely as a rapper, but one of the top hip hop artist in the world. He also wishes to play in movies, broadcast on radio and TV and giving back to cancer and single parent foundations. With his hard work in the music industry Donnie will no doubt continue to rise as Maryland’s best in game!

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