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Written by: Maurice Woods

Straight out of South Central Los Angeles Ms. Ne’Kiya brings more than hopes in the entertainment industry but a Belizean R&B approach.

We all heard the Latina spice, the Puerto Rican princesses, the hip hop queens, but what about Belize?

Ne’Kiya brings a new humble to the game. She has grown to love music since a very young age, being around family who listened to mostly classical music, she began to develop a deeper attachment in R&B soul. Her performances contributes to a little hip hop, but this young Belizean has an old soul, with edge!

Most artists start young, and Ne’kiya was no exception to the game at age nine. Being influenced by artist such as Alicia Keys, Christina Aguilera, and Destiny’s Child she began her own group called P.U.S.H. and is currently working on her official EP.

Ne’Kiya strives for being the best at what she does and understands that being in this industry will take much time and dedication. Being young and having the looks is only part of the package. Ne’Kiya takes R&B to a different stage giving a younger audience something to relate to. Her lyrics are bold, and straight from the heart. When an artist is not afraid to share emotions, it gives people the opportunity to be able to relate to them, causing more of a relationship with fans.

The former Cal State Dominguez Hills student has wrestled with her options, but always knew what she could bring to the table, her voice. She believes that it is important to find and pursue the skills that one carries.

Ne’Kiya is looking forward to finding a record label she can call home, and with her unique style it can be very promising for her.

Official Site: | @therealnekiya


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