Rapper Too Short Armed For Security?

Too Short

Written by: Maurice Woods

Rapper Too Short known for his singles “Blow the whistle,” “I’m a player,” and “Gangsters & Strippers,” may be more gangster than you think. The police said that the 48 year old rapper was carrying a handgun in his luggage which was detected through the security screening checkpoint at Burbank Airport. He fled the scene before police could detain him. Should not these hip hop artist who are known in the game understand that running makes matters worse?

The rapper came back with his attorney in which he received his citation because of the possession of the handgun.

Todd Anthony Shaw otherwise known as rapper Too Short seemed to have forgotten that he had the handgun in his bag, due to so much work he had during the past few weeks. His manager David Weintraub called it a common mistake. But exactly how common is it for celebrities to bring guns to the airport? Most rappers are a little cleverer when it comes to illegal matters, but in his case he would have to spend the next few weeks thinking about his plea in court on November 3.

This was not the only time rapper Too Short fled from authorities. Charged with a felony account of drugs of suspected methamphetamine in 2013. It must be hard out here for a pimp.

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