Independent Spotlight: Kazy-D



Kazy-D is an independent artist from the state of Texas. Prior to being an artist he served our nation by being in the United States Navy, which allowed him to be stationed in the city of Seattle, Washington.  He started Badd Dawg Records in 1995, and was one of Washington State’s 1st Nationally Distributed Rap Artists. Acclaimed Producer Funk Daddy & Seattle’s Underground Majors, DMS dropped the same year. A lot of Seattelites do not know, that Kazy D was an Original Master P/NO LIMIT Affiliate w/ 50,000 units sold!

I actually had the pleasure of meeting Kazy D at a show in Seattle, Washington in 2010. Since then, we have been in contact ever since. Kazy D has a new single We Keep It Turned Up. We Keep It Turned Up is a club banger with a feel good party vibe that makes party goers want to dance and be a part of the club or BBQ scene. This song is definitely whats needed for SummerTime!!

Check out his track:

We Keep It Turned Up



Kazy-D hailing from the South in the state of Texas. Grew up as a shy kid who would withdraw from conversations, however after being chosen as school deejay for a pep rally he was given a chance to express himself. Then when he was in 5th grade some friends formed a band. After being told that I couldn’t join this group. He decided to create his own band with a friend.  By the time he was 15, he was break dancing and hosting local parties.

Before joining the Navy he was part of a collective known in Texas as the ATP ( A TOWN POSSE) led by producer Wink D.  In the early 90’s he was a part of 3 independent record labels , LM RECORDS, who were distributed by Tommy Boy, GCA records ( who are responsible for his sound) and Just Cash Records ( who released his music and put him on tour). He left Just Cash Records in the mid 90’s and started his own label B.A.D.D DAWG RECORDS in 1995. He released his debut cd ” A LETTER FROM THE GRAVE that same year. The CD was widely distributed across Texas and the WestCoast. The follow up project : NATIONWIDE DOUBLE UP was released in 1998″ after a deal and relationship w/ SKYLINE RECORDS had ended. He had entered into a joint venture agreement with SKYLINE. But conflicts over release dates, creative rights and budget caused a rift and both parties ended up parting ways. This did not stop Kazy and continued with his musical endeavors where he dropped ” CHAMPAGNE WISHEZ” in 2004 which sold 15,000 copies on the street in cities such as Seattle, Tacoma , Yakima , tri-cities, Portland, the Bay Area , Phoenix , San Antonio, Austin and Houston. All this was done without distribution.

After a brief 3 year hiatus from releasing his own music he returned to recording in 2009 and released ” STREET TAXES : THE MILLION DOLLAR MIXTAPE IN 2010-2011. During that time he released 3 singles ” TROUBLED WATAZ” feat: CHALIE BOY , HATAZ LOVE IT feat: KIA SHYNE ” HAVIN VISIONS” feat BRIAN ANGEL OF DAY 26 , LOUDLIFE feat CHALIE BOY and ” WE KEEP IT TURNED UP feat LIL RONNY AND BEAT KING.  His new cd release entitled ” BLOCKSTARR STATUS will be released in jan 2015.. Besides being an artist he is currently writing and doing A&R for MS. STACEY HOLLIS an artist whose career he is helping to guide at this point. Kazy-D consistently tours the state of Texas and the south extensively and p2 radio across the state has been receptive to his music.


The grind continues….



We keep it turned up image

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