Center Stage: Couples Therapy VH1-Ghostface Killah and Kelsey



Written by: Prescilla Sanchez


One of the misconceptions in hip-hop, I feel, is that seeking additional life skills is big red flag. I am talking about therapy. On VH1’s Couples Therapy, rap icon Ghostface Killah arrives with girlfriend, Kelsey, and with a “hard to crack” attitude.


At first, it was clear as water that he wasn’t into the therapy. Over time and some group activities he realized how important this was to his partner during one of the group sessions Kelsey confessed that she once danced for money. This news was astonishing to Ghost. I found this to be hypocritical of him because who is he to judge? He doesn’t work in a corporate office or lives a squeaky-clean life. Don’t most rappers hang out at strip clubs, anyways? Ghost said hurtful things like “I don’t mess with girls like that.” Kelsey was so hurt she walked out the room.


As the show goes on Ghost displays a lack of concern and affection towards any of Kelsey’s feelings. His guard begins to come down and is forced to get in touch with his feelings. Slowly he is sinking into guilt. So much so that he confessed he’s in a two-year relationship with another woman, Latrice. Typical tv drama or did Ghost really feel bad? I’m not sure it was hard to tell. But, the big WTF moment happen when Ghost request Latrice visit to have a sit down with her, him and Kelsey. who does that?!


Ghost’s reason was to help HIM figure out which woman he wanted to continue a relationship with. Like he really had a choice after that! Ghost made it said he loved both women, but was IN LOVE with Latrice and not Kelsey. I’m sure Ghost knew he was playing with fire, but wanted to see how long he could keep the flames going. In the end, He was left to sleep on the couch with neither woman. The lesson here; play with fire and get burned.

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