This week’s independent Spotlight is on Hip-hop artist NautiliusMC.  I had the pleasure of meeting Nautilius at the Whisky A Go Go show since he opened up for ONYX. I was interested on hearing Nautilus’s music because of his stage name since for one my favorite tracks and ringtone is Nautilus by Bob James. For the true hiphop heads that know the song “Nautilus” by Bob James is heavily sampled track that has been used in tracks such Daytona 500 with Ghostface, Daamm by the Alkaholics, and Sincerity by DMX, Nas and Mary J. Blige, etc. etc.

Okay going back to Nautilus, since I am intrigued by his stage name I had to watch his performance. Once of the tracks he performed was “Vision of a Dreamer” I really connected with this track when the beat dropped and how his lyrics flowed. It is quite obvious that he went through obstacles to understand where he is coming from and what he has been through.

NautilusMC was born as Maynard Okereke in Austin,TX, and has lived a life embedded in music, culture, and personal struggle. The combination of his West African roots and adolescent upbringing in the Northwest state of Washington, have given him many diverse influences that are clearly reflected in his music.

Nautilus has recently moved to Los Angeles, CA to work on expanding his music and acting careers. Nautilus is extremely talented, who can MC, write, produce and Act. Which is extremely important in the entertainment world, I personally come across a lot of MC’s but when the MC can rap and act this is definitely something to watch for. So be on the lookout for NautilusMC in a venue or the big screen near you. For reals!!




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