Independent Spotlight 12/5/13: Isis Kenney

Article written by: Nate Sherman

I am excited to share this week’s independent spotlight as she represents a different genre of Hip Hop. Not to confuse anyone but this week’s independent Hip Hop artist is a Hip Hop artist but not a Hip Hop music artist. This week I want to shine the light on New York City artist and CEO of Hip Hop Fine Art, Isis Kenney.

I recently was looking up various forms of art and in my search through Hip Hop related art, I came across some of the works of Isis and I was amazed and absolutely loved what I saw. I loved it so much that I had to feature her and share her artwork with all of you because I appreciate art and creativity.

To give some background on Isis, her interest in art was cultivated by her parents who were both artists and educators. Isis has a degree in Visual Communications and it was during her education at Dutchess Community College that she truly found an interest in art. In addition to being the CEO of Hip Hop Fine Art, Isis is a community activist as she works with several non-profit organizations and media outlets in an effort to help out the New York City community.

In addition to being an incredible artist, Isis has delved into other forms of media including acting, film, radio, television, and singing.

As the CEO of Hip Hop Fine Art, Isis’ goal is to introduce a new way for people to look at Hip Hop through a historical perspective by telling visual stories through media collages. These collages tell stories of great triumphs, successes and contributions made to the Hip-Hop community.​

What I like most looking at the various collages and art in the galleries on Hip Hop Fine is that the work is so abstract yet you can see visually how the stories are being told and you can see the correlation of Hip Hop culture with other cultures through words and visuals.

There is one collage that stood out to me of Eminem where he has pins coming out of his head like Pinhead from the Hellraiser movie franchise, various clippings and visuals placed on the collage that tells how Eminem is that hellraising rapper and the fact that he is a white rapper doesn’t matter because he didn’t let that define him as an artist.

There is so many great pieces of work by Isis and it has been featured in many places and publications like Source Magazine and Manhattan Neighborhood Network’s Youth Channel. I love the way Isis has found a way to fuse her passion and love for art and Hip Hop and present it to the world all the while preserving the legacy of Hip Hop culture through these works of art. Please support Isis and her positive visual representation of Hip Hop.

You can check out more of Isis Kenney’s work by going to


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