Independent Spotlight 11/21/13: Malkovich

Article written by: Nate Sherman

This week features an underground artist with an interesting and unique journey named Malkovich. This week we are going to do something a bit different than usual as I am going to tell you a little bit about Malkovich’s escapes from danger and disasters during historical world events and introduce a song by Malkovich himself that tells you about his journey lyrically.

Malkovich was conceived on the Pacific island of Caledonia. During the era of the Islamic Revolution, Malkovich’s parents were chased out of Iran by Ayatollah Khomeini. At this time Malkovich’s mother was in labor and he was born shortly after in Genoa, Italy where his family had fled.

In addition to all of the danger that he and his family had already succumbed to, he has lived through many horrible events including the bombing of Libya by former U.S. President Ronald Reagan, which almost hit the elementary school he attended and the L.A. riots, which he experienced when he and his family moved to Los Angeles in 1992. Not to mention, he narrowly escaped the sad events of 9/11, the London tube bombings in 2005, the bombings of city square in Istanbul, he left Jamaica 2 days before Hurricane Gustav, and slept on a church floor in Louisiana eating Red Cross gumbo for three days with 300 people during Hurricane Katrina. Unbelievable! Hell, we might as well call Malkovich the Houdini of Hip Hop because it is amazing how he manages to escape before disaster strikes.

Through it all, Malkovich made it through all these obstacles and when he first heard Ice Cube’s Death Certificate album, he formed a love for Hip-Hop and eventually formed a group by the name of BLX and makes good Hip-Hop music to this day. Malkovich is an excellent rapper and I advise everyone to check out his album Great Expectations to hear his music. Listen to his track Storm Chaser, which is a lyrical version of Malkovich’s journey: Storm Chaser

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