Dear Derrick .5kg Album Review

Review written by: Nate Sherman

So if you read last week’s Independent Spotlight on Dear Derrick and you have gotten to learn more about this artist from Brooklyn. I have had the pleasure of taking a listen to his most recent album release .5kg, which is a sequel to his album Born 2 Porn, and it is honestly a pretty damn good album that is conceptual in its presentation and Derrick expresses creativity through raw lyrics and innovative beats and sounds.

Although I would rank the Born 2 Porn album a notch higher than .5kg in terms of content and lyrical expression presented by Derrick, the sound produced in this album is a fine blend of catchy beats and rhythmic sounds that make many of the tracks cool as hell. My favorite tracks on this album based on the beats alone are Disco and Voodoo. Speaking of Voodoo, the collab on this track with Holly Jones is pure fire and I felt the energy and lyrical aggression that wis showcased on this track.

The freestyle tracks are a nice touch and I like how this album tells a story, which is something that I personally find more engaging when listening to albums. Overall, this album is great and really expresses Derrick’s artistic creation of raw material and presentation of fresh sounds that at times got me lost in the music and at other times allowed me to sink into the music to really listen to the message. What more can you ask? This is simply good stuff!

Download and Stream Dear Derrick’s .5kg

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