Independent Spotlight 11/15/13: Dear Derrick

Article written by: Nate Sherman

This week let’s spotlight a gifted artist (in more ways than one) from Brooklyn, NY named Dear Derrick (Derrick B. Harden). Derrick does it all as he is a hip hop artist, filmmaker and art curator.  Derrick considers himself a lifestyle artist and with his band, collectively known as Couture Ink, they produce work from various facets of art and merge it with the art of hip-hop.

“Couture Ink [Dear Derrick] is pure, unadulterated hip-hop in the very best East Coast tradition. In the Noble Aristocracy of Poverty, this man’s blood is an icy blue; the color of deep waters whose depths contain many sunken artifacts.  It is for the listener to dive in and retrieve this treasure chest of blood-stained loveliness,” describes Joseph Aranov, Executive Producer, Lovers, Poets and Gangsters, LLC.

 In 2005 – 2006, Dear Derrick released two underground hip-hop albums, Mortuary Science and The Funeral. Aranov personally believes that these two albums are reminders of why New York is the birthplace of hip-hop and why Brooklyn specifically is called the “County of Kings.” Following these inaugural albums, in 2007, with Marmah Records, he released the mixtapes, Renaissance Era Vol.1 and Vol.2.

In the Fall of 2010, Derrick made his couture debut with his film creation The Art of Nothing at Brooklyn Public Library.  In the film, a collage of footage is interwoven into a cohesive film incorporating dark humor and sensuality.  Derrick’s non-linear style and hip-hop perspective provides a sense of continuity within the nothingness that has been captured.

Derrick’s most recent album Born 4 Porn is a unique presentation of musical expression. The beats on this album are fresh and mixed with insightful content and musical expression that Derrick presents, it is pretty damn good from top to bottom. What I like most about Derrick in general is that he is bringing something different to the hip-hop game. He  looks at hip-hop as an art form, which it undoubtedly is. I wouldn’t even say he merges the art of hip-hop with art in general but rather he treats hip-hop as one of his forms of art to work and be creative with. I think that is the attitude that every hip-hop artist should display when working on their craft. I like Derrick’s music and I am personally looking forward to any new hip-hop masterpieces that he may create in the future.

Check out Born 4 Porn and all of Dear Derrick’s other artistic ventures:

Born 4 Porn: Dear Derrick & The Band

Dear Derrick Articles

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