Center Stage 11/15/13: Too Much Money to Burn

Article written by: Nate Sherman

When I was a young boy, I would  every once in awhile visit my grandparents. My grandfather would always greet me with some cash every time he saw me. And being a kid who had a little bit of cash at his disposal, you felt like you could buy the world and spend your money on just about anything at your leisure. Almost immediately upon that money hitting the palm of my hand, I would ask my mother to take me places so that I could spend it. I always remember what my grandfather would say to me and just about everyone else who got antsy when they would talk about what they were going to do with their money almost immediately upon receiving it, “that money burning in your hand.” For those that don’t quite understand what he means by this quote, he is saying that you want to spend the money as if it is real hot and burning in your hand and your instant reaction when something is burning you is to do what? To get rid of it!

Cool story bro! Be sarcastic all you want, but this story has a lot to do with this week’s center stage topic. I want to apologize ahead of time because this week’s center stage is going to be more of a rant than anything else. This week I just have to let out my thoughts and frustrations with rappers and the way they use their money. Now I know what you’re probably saying out loud, ‘but it’s their money and they can do whatever they want with it.’ Well…yeah, that’s true, but surely with as much money as these music moguls are making, they can use that money to set a good example rather than throw it away mindlessly simply because they have so much of it.

In a day where our economy and many people around the country our struggling financially, I find it insulting when I read about these rappers blowing tens of thousands of dollars on women who shake their asses for a living. Then you have the rappers who blow hundreds of thousands of dollars on material things like gold chains and making ludicrous bets with their other millionaire rap buddies. Well, I have a bet that I would like to make with most of these rappers, I bet that if you wanted to, you can change lives by better utilizing the spending of your over-sized bank accounts. I bet that rather than throwing money out of the door you can do so much more for those who could really benefit from you “making it rain.” I completely understand that you rappers need Benjamin Franklin to consistently wipe your asses after getting off of your solid gold toilet stools with diamonds lining the rim, but I think it is ignorant to throw away money like this when many people out here don’t even have a pot to piss in.

It would be easy for me to name names of those rappers we always read about blowing money in these clubs and buying crap that they really don’t need, but they know who they are and we all know who they are too so this isn’t necessary. Let me make it clear that it is not anyone’s moral obligation to save the world no matter what their financial situation is, but when I read about “so and so” arriving at the strip club with bags and boxes of money, it quite frankly makes me sick! Is this what these idiots truly want to blow all of their money off on or are they trying desperately to live up to this image of this contrived “luxurious” hip hop lifestyle? Why not make it rain on the homeless? Why not make it rain on the single parents struggling to pay rent? Why not make it rain on those unfortunate people who can’t afford a kidney transplant? You see what I’m saying?

I appreciate those music moguls, athletes, and celebrities alike who use their celebrity and their wealth to help make a difference and make positive changes in people’s lives not because they feel it is their moral obligation to do so, but because it’s something they genuinely want to do. That makes them a kind-hearted human being who is conscious of the many economic problems that plague our society.  Again, I am not going to name names here because these people know who they are and we know who they are because we read and hear about them. It is just such an admirable gesture to show concern and support for your fellow man and help them because you have the funds to do so. I want to take the time to thank those people and everyone else around the world, regardless of their social class, for doing what they can to help others because it is something that is sadly not common in today’s society.

If I had the kind of wealth of an Oprah, Magic Johnson, or even Jay Z, changing lives is something that I would personally want to do because it would make me feel good as a human being. I can’t picture myself walking into a strip joint with wades of singles just for a night of fun and then afterwards knowing I could have done something more fulfilling with my money. Knowing that I could have put money in the hands of someone on the street who can’t afford a decent meal day-to-day instead of putting it into the g-strings of women who have a roof over their head and simply are going to buy something that they don’t necessarily need. Let’s be real here folks, most of these women’s rent is likely being paid by their baby daddy’s monthly checks (pending they have a job of course). I would feel like the biggest douche on the planet to do something like this.

I mean am I making any sense to anyone reading or am I not justified in criticizing these guys for how they’re spending their money? What would you do if you were wealthy and were in any good position to help others? Would you help strangers in need? Would you only limit yourself to helping friends and family? Would you throw your money at the unfortunate masses or go to the strip joint and tuck it into funky asses? Do you understand most rappers and feel that how you spend your money, whether it is helping others or not, is no one’s business but your own?

It is my hope that this mindless spending among rappers and celebrities alike changes and they realize how much my stance on this issue does make sense. If the money is burning in their hands and they just absolutely have to get rid of it, have a heart and help others in need. If this is not plausible, then maybe you are better off not having that kind of money in your hand at all.

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