Center Stage 11/7/13: Love & Flip Flop

Article written by: Nate Sherman

I’m not the biggest fan of reality TV, but I do sit down and watch some of the shows from time to time depending on my interest and level of boredom. You all know how it is. I’ve been following the 4th season of Love & Hip Hop: New York and I have never been so damn flabbergasted (bet you ain’t heard this word in a while) by anything in a long time. This week I don’t want to necessarily touch on what has been going on latelywith everything going on in this season because we are only 2 episodes into the show; however, what I do want to bring center stage is this mess of a love triangle between Manager and former hip hop artist Peter Gunz, his baby mama Tara, and his artist/side chick Amina Buddafly.

Now I don’t like the contrived and downright unrealistic nature of many of these reality television shows as ironic as that sounds, but the way they plan out and script these stories and events to take place on the show I have to admit are pretty creative and engaging. I mean think about it…the mere thought of a man blatantly cheating on his girlfriend with the artist he is managing right in front of the cameras for the show is preposterous! Now I know men have a reputation for being downright stupid when it comes to covering up their tracks in a hidden affair, but you can’t be this damn stupid to cheat on your woman in front of the damn camera.

And what is even more stupid is the fact that Peter’s relationship with Amina is not only going to destroy his family, but his career, and any potential career for his artist/side chick. But we really can’t call Amina his side chick anymore after this week’s episode now can we? If you are following along with the show and haven’t watched the latest episode, this is your spoiler warning and cue to not read on any further. For those that don’t give two craps about watching the show and enjoy this blog, keep reading on because this is some downright juicy shizet.

For those that don’t know, Amina is from Germany and has come to the states in order to start-up her music career, which means that she is not a citizen of the United States. Amina was going to be deported and like the idiot that Peter Gunz is, he marries Amina so she can attain citizenship. And get this, to show her love and commitment to her new hubby, the supposed side chick/artist/new wife tramp stamps the name “Mrs. Panky” on her lower back . Maybe I am out of the loop but I am assuming that “panky ” is Gunz’s cutesy nickname or it could be a symbol for all the hanky panky the newlyweds have been doing behind the back of the unsuspecting Tara.

And let me delve into how this effects both of their respective careers. We see how fraternizing with your artist has hurt the credibility of Rich Dollaz. Because of his relationship with Erica Mena, Rich has a reputation in the industry for having relations with his artists. Not only did it prove to hurt negotiations with an artist on this week’s show, but it will hurt him with any future business relationships.  Hell, this union between Peter and Amina has pretty much killed their chances of signing Amina to Rich and Yandy’s new record label. Who wants that type of drama in their camp? Not only does this hurt their careers but it hurts their character. (Not their characters on the show, their characters as human beings). If you’re even going to have a career, it’s best to keep this affair hidden, which Peter begs Amina to do, but the chick comes off so dumb and love struck that she just wants to tell the world how much she loves Mr. Hanky Panky!

Going back to Tara  supposedly being unknowing of this affair. I find it hard to believe that Tara could be oblivious to all of this. Anybody who’s anybody that has been in a committed relationship or has witnessed an unhealthy relationship play out can easily sniff out a liar and a cheat. You know a no good bastard when you see one. Everything a cheater says and does is routine and if you are a strong individual and are always on your toes in your relationship, you can easily crack the cheat code (shameless video gaming reference).

Based on what I have seen played out on the show thus far, Peter Gunz can easily be caught by any woman who uses their innate woman’s intuition trait (I can’t confirm nor deny this to be a true female trait). The signs are there. I am not saying Tara isn’t an intelligent woman because she certainly comes off as a very intelligent and sweet person on the show. I just find it hard to believe that she bought for one second that Peter is in the studio all night long making music with this unbelievably attractive and seductive woman, a woman that she hasn’t met  or been introduced to up until this episode. Well…you can tyechnically say that there was some music being made in the studio, but not in the way Gunz was describing to Tara.

This week I have been reading news gossip that Tara is a highly trained actress and that her relationship with “Mr. Panky” has been over for two years. Now it is all starting to make sense and thank God for Tara’s sake! After the events that unfolded on this past week’s show, you can’t argue that Tara isn’t a great actress because the way she was acting like she didn’t know what the hell was going on between her man and his side chick/artist/new wife/Mrs. Panky/home wrecker, as a viewer putting myself in her shoes, I just can’t imagine myself being that oblivious in this scenario.

What gets me most with this scenario is that after all this…after all of this pure nonsense and shenanigans, the best cheater in the whole universe, Peter Gunz aka “Mr. Panky” is going to try his hand at playing the conflicted card. This man, who has what I deem the supernatural ability of hiding his affair in plain sight for the entire  world to see, is going to make a bold attempt. He is going to make an attempt at convincing his baby mama that he still loves her, wants to be in a committed relationship with her, and wants to maintain a stable family home all the while carry on managing his new wife’s career as an artist. If this man manages to pull this one off and comes out of the burning rubble holding his arms up triumphantly, then I will give credit where credit is due…or I’ll just give credit to the amazing script written for this particular scenario for this season of Love & Hip Hop.

Out of everything that is happening this season on Love & Hip Hop, this  love triangle is no doubt the hook. And believe me when I tell you that yours truly is hooked because I love a good drama that hooks you and reels you in.  And for all you cheaters out there that happen to stumble across this blog, there is a very important lesson to take from this: cheat at your own risk of being caught,  just don’t be stupid to cheat and think you will get away with it by BROADCASTING YOUR AFFAIR ON TELEVISION!  Sure in retrospect it’s a good idea for a TV  script, but in TRUE reality, does it really make any sense to you?

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