Independent Spotlight 10/25/13: Dontee Weaver

Article written by: Nate Sherman

This week’s independent spotlight is a special one because I am going to talk about a young man that I feel many people can relate to.  Despite being an amazing rapper, I feel it is important to tell the story of this week’s spotlighted independent artist because it’s personable and it highlights the background of where this artist comes from and how he developed the passion for his craft in Hip-Hop music that he possesses to this day.

Dontee Weaver, also known as Diablo the General, is an upcoming rapper born in the heart of South Central Los Angeles. Being born and raised in an area notoriously known to be shrouded in drugs, violence, and gang activity, it is easy for an innocent young man to get wrapped up in it all. Dontee did not want to become just another statistic of life on the streets. Being the oldest of 8 children, Dontee wanted to set an example for his younger siblings and stay on the right path, focusing his energy on his passion for art and music.

In addition to art and writing music, Dontee began to gain a vested interest in not only the production side of music, but the business side as well. Dontee learned how to record tracks, edit, and master music from watching his uncle David “PT” Nicholson and cousin James “Rome” Richards, who comprise the group PT Rome. It is through this vast learning experience and acquisition of knowledge of the music game that Dontee became hooked and seriously wanted to pursue a career in Hip-Hop.

Dontee knew that he had to perfect his craft and began freestyling ciphers with friends. The more he did it, the better he got and when he entered the studio to write and lay down his tracks, he began to gain a new found confidence that he had never before felt. He had found his career niche and felt he was excelling at it. There is no better feeling in the world than feeling that you are on top of it. Unfortunately, Dontee’s world would come crashing down on top of him as another setback would plague the young rapper’s life. In May of 2005, he was convicted with a felony charge. This was a real bad time for Dontee and things were looking bleak almost to the point where he wanted to give up on life. After much reflection, Dontee decided that he had to keep going despite his situation because that is the passion that he had for writing and music.

For every setback there is a comeback. Dontee knew his potential and the lasting effect that his music had on people and he decided to put the past behind him and shift his career into another gear. Dontee wanted to start a movement and he created a blog website that was the one stop shop for all of his music. The movement that Dontee has pioneered is X-Squad Tha Movement which includes Texacal, K.O., Ric Roc, Mr. Big Stuff, Infant X, and Tripp. Dontee is also helping his 14-year-old brother Cashed Out Swift enter the hip-hop game and is very hands on with him.

Dontee is an amazing rapper and is a testament that you can overcome obstacles and make positive changes in your life to focus your energy into working hard to do what you love to do. Dontee is a hustler and he knows that through his music and artistry, he will make his mark in music. Look out for his next project titled Free Jewelry. You can check out the first release from the album Gorilla Muzik right here on the blog.

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