Independent Spotlight 10/16/13: Nitty Scott

Article written by: Nate Sherman

I think it’s about time to put the spotlight on a young female MC in the Hip-Hop game because believe it or not, there is a whole slew of passionate and talented female Hip-Hop artists out here doing their thing and we need more of  them to be showcased to the masses.

I recently came across the music of Michigan born, Florida raised Nitty Scott, MC and was blown away by her. Not only is this girl pretty, but she’s pretty lethal on the mic. Nitty Scott is at the forefront of a music movement that she calls “The Boombox Family.” This independent label

focuses on organic, lyrical, message-driven hip-hop. Now this is a movement I am all for and can get behind because I am personally for this direction of the music industry.

Nitty went to school for Journalism and has a passion for writing and poetry which is prevalent in her music. I cannot begin to tell you how awe struck I was by her impressive rhymes and impeccable flows.

Just reading up on and listening to Nitty in interviews, she shows a voracious hunger to be successful all the while remaining humble and respectful which is a breath of fresh air. What I respect most about Nitty is her personal journey to make waves in the industry in a short amount of time, with no financial backing, no gimmicks, and no major co-signs.

You’ve got to respect her hustle and I have to say, with Nitty’s amazing rapping ability, people in the industry are bound to take notice and join her movement. Nitty says it best in her mission statement that just gives me chills every time I read it:

“To be apart of a movement and not an industry, to be socially responsible and charitable with her influence, to inspire art and educated listeners, to promote substance in mainstream entertainment, to be praised by critical acclaim, and to document an era via the written word.”





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