Independent Spotlight 10/3/13: Sampha

Article written by: Nate Sherman

Sampha is an extremely talented South London singer and musician. In addition to being a very gifted singer, Sampha is also a keyboardist and producer. His voice is so soulful and soothing that he can be classified as an R&B artist.

Sampha is best known for his collaborations with his SBTRKT (pronounced “subtract”) partner Aaron Jerome, who is a London DJ. As Jerome provides the sounds of electronic and acoustic drums as will as using a mixing desk to play samples, Sampha plays the keyboard while offering his beautiful vocals during their live performances.

Upon hearing Sampha for the first time, it was like an instant soul overflow. His voice is something the likes I have never heard before from any R&B artist. I believe that his English accent mixed in with his smooth voice has produced a unique sound that makes Sampha stand out. Add this to the music that he produces, which I would describe as a more upbeat R&B sound, and you have music that I think everyone should treat their ears to. I would even go as far as to say that the sounds you hear in Sampha’s music can be considered a new R&B alternative than your usual R&B track.

There is something that is just telling about an artist that can make you feel a range of emotions through their music. Sampha is one of those artists that just puts you in the moment. His voice is unique in the way that you can feel what he’s feeling through his powerful vocals and sound. Sampha describes this unique way of being able to tell how an artist feels just by listening to their music:

“You can hear a lot in someone’s song production, in a weird way, you can almost hear someone’s values…or things they might think or feel.” -Sampha

Sampha is an artist that many people should know about and he has a lot of work to showcase to the world. His debut full solo EP “Dual” was released early this year on July 29th and if you are a fan of R&B and just love music that soothes the soul, you will not only love Sampha’s EP but hopefully you’ll become a fan of this talented young artist.

Check out Sampha’s music on Soundcloud

Sampha on Facebook

Sampha on Twitter

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