Independent Spotlight 9/21/13: Bishop Nehru

Article written by: Nate Sherman

It is very rare to come across an artist who is so talented that upon hearing them for the first time, you literally have your mind blown. That is the reaction I had when I first heard the music of a young man who is only 16 years of age and has a flow that is simply unmatched. In this week’s independent spotlight, I want to shine a light on Bishop Nehru.

Now I am highly upset with myself for only recently being exposed to Bishop because to be so young and to rap as amazingly as he does, he should have already been on everyone’s radar. Being an amazing rapper is only just one of the talents that this Rockland County, NY native possesses. Nehru’s talents also include being a video director, editor, and produces his own material. This kid is like the “Smart Guy” of hip-hop. Shout out to Tahj Mowry.

In all seriousness, I listened to Nehru’s “NEHRUVIA” mixtape and I have never been more impressed by a young artist. What is scary is that at such a young age, he displays flow and ruthlessness through his lyrics the likes I haven’t heard in YEARS! Bishop Nehru is honestly a throwback to 90s classic Hip-Hop with a new school swag. From his beats to his amazing flow, Bishop is what I’ve personally been craving to hear from modern day Hip-Hop. Through his lyrics, his competitive spirit and passion for hip-hop grabs you and you are instantly sucked in.

Bishop Nehru has been co-signed by Nas; now that’s one hell of an endorsement and a sure sign that we will be seeing more from this young man on his rise to stardom. With so much talent, experience, and knowledge of the game already in his arsenal, just imagine how Bishop will grow as an artist over time? Even though he is young, he still does have a lot of room to learn and excel as an artist and as a performer and when he does, everyone is going to be talking about this guy that’s for damn sure.

Check out Bishop Nehru’s “NEHRUVIA” mixtape

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Bishop Nehru on Twitter:

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