Montage Cinema Productions Acting Reel Package

Dear Actor,

You have the talent. You have the desire. But as you know, casting directors will want to see what kind of experience you’ve got. And they want to see you showcase your skills. This is best accomplished with an Acting Reel: a compilation of the work you’ve done, put together into a 2-3 minute video.

But, what if you have no experience?

Then you have two options:

1. You can spend tens of thousands of dollars on an acting school. Then apply for jobs as an extra for a while. After that, PRAY that you get speaking roles (they’ll probably be unpaid, credit only). And IF you get speaking parts, you better hope that the director gives you a copy of your footage. Years later, you can take all the footage that you (hopefully) acquired, and you can pay an editor to take that footage and make you a reel. At this point, you haven’t made any money, but you’ve LOST endless amounts of cash on school and transportation to gigs that didn’t pay you.


2. You can hire our Three-time Award-Winning Filmmaking team for A LOT less money, and have a reel that showcases your abilities in a matter of weeks!

Here’s how it works:

Montage Cinema Productions – makers of the award-winning smash indie film “Ten-Buck Baton” – will meet with you and gauge if you actually have acting ability (if you don’t, then sorry, we’ll let you know).

If you have some talent that we can nurture, we’ll work with you. An award-winning writer will assess your strengths, and he will develop and write up to 4 scenes – focused specifically on YOUR Strengths!

The scenes will also be diverse, so as to showcase a range of your acting talent. Don’t worry, you will get acting coaching, you will get to rehearse with seasoned actors, you will get everything you need to make your performances the best they can be. It will be as if you are part of a film. The only difference is, these scenes are written specifically for you!

Here’s the whole package, outlined:

* Development and Writing of Up to 4 Scenes, Specifically Focused on YOUR Strengths

* Filming of the Above-Mentioned Scenes, Including Numerous Takes (same as if you were on an actual movie set)

* Extensive Coaching On Acting

* Focused Rehearsal of Scenes

* Film Crew on Set (Director, Script Supervisor, Director of Photography, Boom Operator, Make-Up Artist, Etc.) With Cinema-Quality Equipment

* Professional Editing of Scenes To Create a 2-3 Minute Reel

* Opportunity to Work Opposite Seasoned Actors

* You Will Get ALL the Files, including the Edited Reel AND the Raw Footage of the scenes

* Use of Writer/Director as Reference For Future Projects

* Ability to Showcase Talent

* Meet and Work With Industry Professionals

* We Work Within a Mutually Agreeable Schedule, So You Don’t Have To Take Time Off From Your “Day Job”

* Obtain Your Reel In A Matter Of Weeks! JUST LIKE THAT, You’ve Got Documented Experience To Show Casting Directors

*Assistance in Getting Reel To The Right Hands After Production (Yep, we won’t just send you out there, with no guidance!)

This entire package – including weeks’ worth of our time coaching you, writing scenes for you, rehearsing with you, filming you, creating a reel for you, guiding you afterwards – is only $4900.

This is for serious actors only — people who are looking to break into the industry. And if you think that our cost is too high, then clearly, you haven’t looked into the costs of acting school. And you haven’t considered all the dues you have to pay afterwards just to get your foot in the door – not to mention the costs you will incur traveling to sets, taking days off from your day job to act, etc. In a nutshell, if you think that’s too big of an investment, you’re not really serious about becoming an actor, because most actors have invested A LOT more than that, for a lot less than what you’re getting.

If you want to make this happen, you’ll make it happen!

SERIOUS INQUIRIES ONLY, please email Neem at with the following information:

* First and last name

* Where You Live (City, State only)

* Phone Number

* Best Time To Call You

* Briefly (30 Words or Less) Describe Why You Want To Act

Thanks. We look forward to working with you!

Note: If you decide to take up this offer, tell them Nathan from GSbookings sent you!

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